One Block Off the Grid - Just front end sales people for other compaines


Made an appointment with them.They did not call me on time.

I called them instead and was told the appointment was delayed for 10 minutes. Eventually, the guy at 1bog called me and pushed solar city on me. And the price was the most expensive among 5 bidders I have contacted. Basically they became the sales people working for other companies.

Then I got call again from 1bog several times. They even did not know they have already contacted me and done a quota for me. Don't bother call them.

It is a waste of time.I don't see any price advantage by calling them.

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One Block Off the Grid - poor experience

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My wife and i have been contemplating solar energy. We found on a google search, they presented a compelling alternative to going direct to a solar company, because you could be part of a "group buy"... we signed up, got an quote from 1bog, and two others for comparison purposes.

It turns out was about the same price, because the referring company pays 1bog, but the 1bog install also came with panels that are outdated...well 2 years old... 1bog "promised" a better deal, but was not able to deliver...

I realized 1bog, like servicemagic was just a lead generation, they are a for profit company, don't be fooled by their marketing- they are slick.



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I too am having a terrible experienve with this sham of a company.Not only are they not legit, but their relentless spaming if you are foolish enough to contact them is not just an occaisional annoyance in your inbox but DAILY HARASSMENT.

Telling them you are not interested does not work, asking them politely to cease and desist has the effect of them stepping up their campaign against you. Not only do I find their hard core sale tactics appalling, I find it hard to believe that 1bog thinks coming after a consumer so aggressively will somehow earn them a sales commission.

Amatuer middle men like 1bog should be avoided at ALL costs.Don't believe their marketing hype, stay away.


Here was my experience w/1BOG:

1) They seemed to have pretty good "marketing" e-mail contact w/me but they never responded to my e-mails nor did they ever pick up the phone when called. I could only get a return call after leaving voice-mail messages days/weeks after.

2) I give credit to 1BOG for providing some useful general info and getting me to begin thinking about solar energy (i.e. PV).

3) However, it does seem like 1BOG is strictly lead generation because they don't know many details about the technology nor are they able to answer "homeowner level" questions. They completely turn over the details to a selected vendor.

4) For me, 1BOG's selected vendor was one of those "will your spouse be home during our presentation" type outfits that wants to high-pressure sell you their over-priced package(s) while assuring you of your "first in the neighborhood" discount - I've seen it one too many times in the home-improvement market and I don't like it. The attempt is to price gouge a poor unsuspecting homeowner that doesn't know better. And if you think 1BOG is supposed to be in your corner to help you avoid such unscrupulous encounters (as I did) then you will be mistaken. This, IMHO, makes 1BOG worth very little.

Your mileage may vary...but I would advise to BEWARE.


Yes, we have been trying to stop false advertising by these folks and others like "Find Solar" which does the same thing.They are simply "middle-men on the block".

They introduce cost while purporting to be a lower price solution.People are finding out too late.

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